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Monthly Archives: April 2004

The Wonderful World Of Yeast

The husband is a great baker man…he makes amazing galettes, cakes, cookies, and more. But he hasn’t had much experience with your yeast-induced rising-type delectables. This morning he, once again, attempted the creation of vegan caramel rolls. I awaited the results with bated breath…and was rewarded with a gooey, sticky mass of sweetness (though [...]

Membership Has Its Privileges

Things were going too smoothly with this car sale. I knew something had to give. And it did. The buyer is set to come over this morning. We need to go to my credit union (which, it turns out, the buyer is also a member of), as I still have a bit to pay [...]

Your Mileage May Vary

What a Wednesday. I accomplished more in one day than I often do in a whole week, and I don’t think it was just the caffeine. Highlights: taking the little man to visit my Dad at his workplace (which would be at the SPPD’s new HQ) first thing in the morning. Taking the little [...]

Bittersweet Disappointment

I’m always in a mad rush before leaving for work. Today I hastily grabbed a rubbermaid container that I thought was clean, and placed one of the husband’s delicious double chocolate chip cookies in it. But when I opened the container at work I first noticed the rank smell…then the residue. I have no [...]

Clearly My 4-year-old Is On Drugs

I hope the little man learned his lesson today: never freak out with a loaded toothbrush in hand. You see, I was brushing my teeth, as I often do. The little man decided it was time to brush his as well. Excellent. Good dental hygiene is highly valued in this household (well, by me [...]

I Think She Could Reason With The Intergalactic Computers

One of the aforementioned Daves recently returned from Taiwan, where he visited with his in-laws without his lovely wife (he was actually there on business). He came home with some most excellent gifts (the little man preferred the Astro Boy Figurine Set over the tea, but I appreciate both) and an interesting idea. He’s [...]

Dragon Eye Morrison And The Thunderbolt Buddha

Last night I was able to step out…with a couple of the Daves, and the one and only Huey-Ling. It was a packed house at the Riverview, and the film was an enjoyable one. Beat Takeshi was at his oddball best, and the geisha storyline was melancholy and moving, but balanced by moments of [...]

I Smell Like A Campfire.

I’ve been forcing my out-of-shape self to take the path of most resistance…the big green stairs that scale the cliff face in our neighborhood. For weeks I’d been skirting around them…favoring a winding, curving path to reach my destination instead. Not now. Obviously the descent, on the walk to work, is a much easier [...]

Even With My Eyes Wide Open I Can’t See A Thing

Another weekend is upon us, and it’s going to be a busy one. Replete with crappy weather. That should help, actually. I’ll be more inclined to stay in to catch up on mundane minutiae…like cleaning and bills. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to take a break to see something from the International Film [...]

Feeling Older Faster

This week has been kicking my ass, and it’s not nearly over yet. That being the case, I neglected the PSAs I’d been meaning to post. To beat myself up a little more about it, I’ll post them now (yes, I am a recovering Catholic).past: Yesterday my old pals brought a guest lecturer, Tom [...]