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Floating In A Pure Vacancy

Even though it’s my second go at it, I still haven’t gotten the hang of this whole wife thing. Some might say I need to set my priorities straight. Motherhood, no problem. But wifehood? Working on it. Friday night I came home from the office to find the husband wheezing like Darth Vader. His recent bout with sleeplessness took its toll, letting his defenses down enough for him to catch a cold…which aggravated his asthma…which was exacerbated by his cat allergy…which led him to the ER to use their industrial strength nebulizers. Unfortunately this occurs a couple of times a year (rinse / lather / repeat). Fortunately we have the husband’s family to help out. His folks take him to the hospital (I can’t imagine any four year-old doing well waiting around the ER…especially not my four year-old). Afterwards he spends a few days recuperating at a large cat-free zone…also known as his sister’s house. Knowing the drill I wasn’t too worried about him. Still, I suppose I could’ve, you know, waited at the house for word of his condition. Instead the little man and I had the highlight of our weekend. We had an awesome time going out to dinner with the neighbors. At least I remembered to get the husband some takeout.

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izzy's strawberry soy ice cream
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