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Monthly Archives: September 2002

You Could La La La La

daytripping:  The little man spent the weekend with the grandparents, so that a certain someone and I could have some much needed alone time. Friday night itself was unusual. Being able to lounge languidly…the spontaneity of dinner and a movie. And then, even weirder, not having to worry about staying up too late…because we could [...]

Unrequited Low

In the middle of another 11+ workday I slunk away. Away from my desk. And away from the building even. The new Low album, Trust, is slated to come out today. I am going to the record release party in Duluth this weekend, but I had wanted to get it ahead of time. I [...]

You’re Only As Pathetic As You Feel

Home now. From another fine 11+ hour work day. Returned just in time to put the little man’s jammies on (on him, not me). Cuddled with him for a few minutes before he was out cold, then tucked him in. Saw him awake for maybe 40-50 minutes today. And those were some of his [...]

Too Much Is Never Enough

The past couple of weeks have been a blur. Too much activity combined with prolonged ooginess. When I try to boil it down this is what floats to the top: august moon (attempted and thwarted). the birthday party. btvs premiere anticipation. cohabitation experimentation. contacting no-kill shelters (poor crazy kitties). introduction to flonase. hop-fu envy. [...]

So Much To Report

So little time. Soon. Very soon.

You Are Invited

Any excuse would be a good excuse to go to the Bay Area, in my book. From my constant craving of Ambrosia Gardens’ fine food, to checking out what’s new at Subterranean Shoes or flipping through the recent arrivals in the mammoth used section at Amoeba Records. But this, oh this is the best [...]

More Than Words

· here is new york · september 11th didn’t change everything · it was a matter of time and place · the dead and the guilty · one year on: a view from the middle east

Thievery Corporation

Some punkass beeyatch in my office has been eating my peanut butter. I’d stash it in my desk, but I buy a brand that requires refrigeration. I had been keeping it in its native container, in the main fridge, along with the company-provided condiments. So folks may have thought it was communal or something. [...]

What Does Your Music Taste Like?

Still sick. Hopefully improving somewhat. But my senses are all dulled. And I’m so delirious I’m getting those mixed up. Earlier I was thinking of how stuffed up my ears are. And how they are making my music taste weird. Umm, yeah. I guess that works…food mostly sounds bad to me at the moment. [...]

Tropical Downpours

Totally miserable. It’s 3ish in the am and I am so very sick. Achey. Feverish. Can’t breathe through my nose. Took forever to fall asleep. Only to be awakened a few hours later by bizarro weather. Crazy thunderstorms. Lightning flashing like giant strobe lights were turned on outside my bedroom window. Booming thunder. Forecast [...]