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Unrequited Low

In the middle of another 11+ workday I slunk away. Away from my desk. And away from the building even. The new Low album, Trust, is slated to come out today. I am going to the record release party in Duluth this weekend, but I had wanted to get it ahead of time. I thought listening to it while working might make the day pass more quickly. So I snuck down the Nicollet Mall to Let it Be records. Alas, my plan was thwarted. The CDs had not yet arrived. The UPS truck was late. The store expects them still some time this afternoon, but it is not likely that I’ll be able to make a break for it again. Until it is time for Buffy. Oh yes. Buffy. Season seven, baby. If I have my way I will have my butt firmly planted on a friend’s couch, so we can savor the premiere together. Unfortunately that plan may be thwarted as well. How often do I get my way anyhow? Just after posting about how little I saw of the little man yesterday, he woke up screaming. I rushed into his room to find that the poor monkey was burning up. He had a fever of around 102. Gave him some tylenol but the poor little guy was miserable. He also wanted his plush ducky, which I found. And he sweetly/sleepily thanked me for. But then he wanted me to sleep in his teeny toddler bed with him. I compromised and asked if he instead wanted to sleep with the ducky and me in my bed. In a sad little voice he said “okay” and we shuffled off to my room. Naturally he sprawled diagonally across my bed so as to take up the most space possible, as I clung to the edge. It was all right, I love cuddling with him. And around 4am I realized he must be feeling a bit better. He woke me up, all smiles, and asked for a high five. This went on for about 15 minutes, then he fell back to sleep. I snuck out around 6ish to take a bath and get ready. He was very confused when he woke up. He stumbled out of my room looking totally discombobulated. It was pretty cute. He still had a slight fever though, so I am a bit worried. No calls yet from pre-school, which is good, but if he’s not feeling well I want to be at home with him…Buffy be damned. Sigh.