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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Meet Me in the Middle

Growing up in the 70s and 80s I remember popular music being omnipresent but not always grabbing me. Or, if it did, my parents were often horrified to find me singing along to something with mature content. Like eight year old me rocking out to the J. Giles Band’s Centerfold without having any idea what [...]

Fear Makes the Wolf Seem Larger

What a moody Monday! Trying to move past that feeling of being engulfed by my obligations. Breaking it down into smaller bits to make it all more manageable. I do need to get better at saying NO when others ask for something that requires a chunk of my time. There just isn’t that much of [...]

The River of Time

Last week was another frustration-filled one (which included what would have been my brother Tom’s 44th birthday). My To Do list is a mile long but we had already booked the trip for my son’s school break so we forged ahead. Without internet access. On Lake Pepin, in Stockholm, WI. It was a lovely long [...]

Same As It Ever Was

Bureaucratic frustrations abound. We did manage to make one positive change at my son’s school, and it was a major one, but the entire autism program still needs an overhaul. I had hoped for a smoother transition to high school for my son. Instead it seems like his entire freshman year will be a bumpy [...]

My Whole Life is a Dark Room

Now that it is October I feel I can officially get excited about Halloween. My son’s costume has been in the works for months and I finally thought of a costume idea for myself. You see, I, myself, am strange and unusual. And I will be dressing up as goth teen photographer Lydia Deetz, from [...]