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My Whole Life is a Dark Room

Now that it is October I feel I can officially get excited about Halloween. My son’s costume has been in the works for months and I finally thought of a costume idea for myself. You see, I, myself, am strange and unusual. And I will be dressing up as goth teen photographer Lydia Deetz, from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Naturally I already have most of the things needed for her outfit. And we’ll host our annual pumpkin carving party the weekend before Halloween. I gotta say, the idea of this Halloween camp-in overnight, at the Science Museum of Minnesota, is sort of tempting but there’s too much going on that weekend.

Five other good things:

What an odd day. Congressman Keith Ellison randomly dropped by my workplace. That was neat and I managed to snap off a few photos of his visit. Before my main camera died. And I don’t just mean the battery ran out of juice. I’m talking catastrophic failure. And I’ve got another wedding to shoot in a few days. Naturally. A photographer friend asked if I had any idea what my shutter count is for my Canon 5d Mark ii. I admitted that I don’t know (nor can I find out at the moment) but I’m sure it’s ridiculously high. I plan to have this body repaired but it likely doesn’t have a whole lot of life left in it. So I bit the bullet and ordered a new Canon 6d body. From Amazon. Only realizing once I got to the checkout page that Amazon started collecting sales tax in Minnesota TODAY. Life can be a mean drunk that way.

Keith Ellison stopped by Clockwork>

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