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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Flexibility of the Mind

There’s a secret room in the basement of our duplex that only the management company has access to. I’ve lived there since 2011 and had never seen inside. But my imagination filled in the blanks. Earlier today I went down to the basement, to do some laundry. The door was open.
dun dun dun 
And it’s [...]

Power Creep In Storytelling

Last weekend was a busy one. Saw Warm Bodies Friday night with the boyfriend (the book was better but the movie was cute). Kickboxing Saturday morning. Show at the Kitty Cat Klub Saturday night. Snow tubing in the suburbs on Sunday plus a visit with my Dad. A friend’s birthday party at The Butcher & [...]

Spectator Paradox

Waking up to the news of the Russian meteor shower was interesting. And those of us with overactive imaginations were thinking up all sorts of crazy scenarios. But no, we are not under attack. And it isn’t related to the asteroid that also flew by earth today. I am thankful that so many Russians have [...]

The Uncertainty Principle

Never quite got the hang of my Monday. The morning was filled with life’s little indignities. Like taking out the trash only to have the bag full of USED CAT LITTER tear open all over my icy back steps. And when I’d cleaned up that mess and made my way to the garbage bins in [...]

Keeping My Sugar On the Shelf

Losing weight has become an expensive proposition. This is news to no one, I’m sure. But I’m already broke and racking it up! Threw $10 in the pot for the DietBet (gambling on my will power is sure to be a losing proposition), $30 for a scale, pre-ordered a FitBit Flex for $99, our YWCA [...]