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Keeping My Sugar On the Shelf

Losing weight has become an expensive proposition. This is news to no one, I’m sure. But I’m already broke and racking it up! Threw $10 in the pot for the DietBet (gambling on my will power is sure to be a losing proposition), $30 for a scale, pre-ordered a FitBit Flex for $99, our YWCA membership is $76/month, $99 for a three-month trial membership at the MN Kali Group and yet more money for kickboxing gear. New shoes, kali sticks, boxing gloves, focus mitts, etc. At least I’m enjoying the kickboxing part. A lot. Though last Saturday’s class was grueling, when I was holding pads for an amazingly strong and tall amazon who beat the hell out of me. Tonight was another story. Only two of us showed up for class and there happened to be two instructors on hand. So we were able to work more intensely on form. Which included a lot of elbow strikes. And some grappling. Super awesome.

I sort of blew it on eating a little too well last weekend. Used two Groupons for dinner out - Friday night at Rice Paper and Saturday night at Fuji Ya. And the boyfriend treated me to brunch Sunday at Modern Times. Yesterday was all about salad. So thankful for my vegetable spiralizer. But then I went and used my avocados up to make this chocolate pudding again. That’s semi-healthy, right?

Five good things for this Tuesday:

This coming Saturday will mark the eighth and final show of the Outlet Performance Festival. The boyfriend and I have attended each, and I’ve been photographing them. It has come to seem natural that we should spend our Saturday evenings in the basement of Los Amigos. But after this weekend we’ll just have to find something else to do.

HIJACK's "Death Drop Workshop"

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