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Monthly Archives: July 2018

This Is Me Breathing

Well, that’s behind me. This morning I handed over keys to the duplex we had called home since early 2014. I have mixed feelings about it. Circumstances were quite different when we moved in. I was partnered then and we chose that place for our joint household. I had been hopeful on a number of [...]

No Words/No Thoughts

All week this has been on my mind.
‘The power of nature is ruthless’: Uncle shares story of 13-year-old’s drowning
It would have been awful enough just seeing that story in the news. But we know them. And my heart is breaking for this family. You can help them by donating here.
This week I’ve been listening to [...]

Shaking the Frame

Turns out “cat bags” are a thing but I found out two days too late. We moved on Saturday and were mauled by poor sweet Olive. She flipped out when we attempted to transfer her into a cat carrier. She was so upset we had to leave her behind at the old house while we [...]

Middle of the Road

We’ve made it to Wednesday but I feel like I haven’t gotten enough accomplished this week. Monday night I took a break from busting my ass because I had purchased a ticket, pre-move, for a Pretenders show with friends. And Chrissie Hynde did not disappoint. That woman is AMAZING. Her voice is as incredible as [...]

You Can’t Hold Two Watermelons In One Hand

As a woman and mother I have been socialized to put others’ needs before mine. The older I get the better I have gotten about taking care of myself. Still a work in progress but I’ve been learning to say no and scale back when I need to. This coming Saturday I was slated to [...]

It’s All Part of the Dance

Trash talk Facebook all you want, my friends, it still has its uses. Like event planning. That’s how I know when and where all my friends’ bands are playing (when I’m too tired to go see them and end up falling asleep before 10pm). And I’ve been offloading all sorts of stuff I don’t want [...]

Disorientating Dilemmas

Another con down. I just drove my son to the suburbs four mornings in a row to drop him off at CONvergence (then spent much of my weekend packing up the house for our impending move). His father drove him back each evening. Attendees who stay on site, at the hotel, typically come up with [...]

Explosion Without An Objective

Tuesday night I treated myself to a live Janelle Monáe show. Life has been overwhelming lately (moving is always stressful) and I was dead tired. But it was just what I needed. So much love and positivity and acceptance in that space. Thankfully I was able to sleep in a bit the following morning, the [...]

Feeling Some Kind of Way

The weekend was a mix of relaxation and taking care of business. Mostly the latter. I’ve been going full-on Marie Kondo with the radical decluttering of our home. Now that it’s July our move is just a few weeks away. Purging feels amazing. And I even made a little money, though it was bittersweet. I [...]