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Shaking the Frame

Turns out “cat bags” are a thing but I found out two days too late. We moved on Saturday and were mauled by poor sweet Olive. She flipped out when we attempted to transfer her into a cat carrier. She was so upset we had to leave her behind at the old house while we moved our big boy cat, Freddy. He yowled loudly the whole way to the new house. Thankfully it’s a short drive between the two places. We doubled back and coaxed Olive into the larger soft-sided carrier. She gave us the silent treatment on the drive, unlike her brother, but has settled in pretty well. Mostly surveying her new queendom from the top of the cat tower. While Freddy has grown even clingier and needier. The first night he kept burrowing under the bed covers to be even closer to me. Last night he mostly slept on my head.

Five Good Things (that I collected last week but was too busy to post):

Derpy cat
Olive is not amused
At the old house

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