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Middle of the Road

We’ve made it to Wednesday but I feel like I haven’t gotten enough accomplished this week. Monday night I took a break from busting my ass because I had purchased a ticket, pre-move, for a Pretenders show with friends. And Chrissie Hynde did not disappoint. That woman is AMAZING. Her voice is as incredible as ever and she seemed to be in a terrific mood. Totally worth it. But I am in the final countdown before the move on Saturday. Thankfully I’ve taken the day off Friday. Then I will frantically get everything packed up and staged for the professional movers.

Five Good Things:

  • I’m all about this She-Ra revival! I am not all about this small camp of dudes who are furious that She-Ra, a fictional cartoon hero, is not “sexy” enough for them. This tweet sums it up nicely. And more great tweets. Not everything is for you, gross adult guys. I’m excited for a new generation of kids to have strong female role models. And hopefully the show will be inclusive in other ways. Representation is a wonderful thing.
  • I’ve been enjoying the latest from Protomartyr, Consolation, with Kelley Deal. So dreamy.
  • And here’s a podcast convo between Protomartyr and The Raincoats, at Rough Trade East.
  • A gigantic shirtless Jeff Goldblum statue has suddenly appearing in London. I have…feelings about this. But the best twitter reply to it: You guys were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should!
  • Some day - soon I hope - I’ll be done packing and unpacking and talking about this move. But it’s front of mind for now. And packing involves a certain amount of nostalgia as one handles objects one may or may not have seen for some time. I’ve encountered so many nostalgia bombs this time around. So why not add to it? I finally picked up Brian K. Vaughan’s first volume of Paper Girls which should transport me back to the 80s, once I have time to sit down and read it.
Philadelphia in the Fall

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