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You Can’t Hold Two Watermelons In One Hand

As a woman and mother I have been socialized to put others’ needs before mine. The older I get the better I have gotten about taking care of myself. Still a work in progress but I’ve been learning to say no and scale back when I need to. This coming Saturday I was slated to have a booth at our Strange Girls Night Market but I’ve decided to bow out. It wasn’t until after committing to the event that our sudden need to move sprang up. Which is now happening that same day. Moving the kid and the cats and our belongings into the new house takes priority. Over everything right now, really. This past weekend was spent organizing everything. Saturday morning we dropped off a load of broken electronics at Tech Dump then got back to packing. Yesterday we picked up keys to the new place while dropping off a hatchback full of stuff in the new garage. Last night I finally tossed out old makeup, some of which I’d been lugging around for years. Most was ancient and not the right color and I hardly wear makeup anyhow. But I made the mistake of throwing away ALL of my mascara. So this morning I had none whatsoever to put on. I’ll blame my overzealousness on the bottle of Chenin Blanc I popped open. And I may or may not have been binge watching C.B. Strike while loading up moving boxes. I am a sucker for quirky police and PI shows.

Five Good Things for this Monday:

leftover watermelon

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