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It’s All Part of the Dance

Trash talk Facebook all you want, my friends, it still has its uses. Like event planning. That’s how I know when and where all my friends’ bands are playing (when I’m too tired to go see them and end up falling asleep before 10pm). And I’ve been offloading all sorts of stuff I don’t want to take with us this next move. And Facebook can be great for recommendations and networking. Monday I posted about my son’s dream job falling through and needing to find other employers who embrace neurodiversity. So many folks offered great suggestions. We’re checking one out today. I’m not sure how to increase my kid’s enthusiasm. He really had his heart set on the other job. I don’t know how much of it is related to his autism and how much is the fact that he’s a teenaged male and an only child and the oldest grandkid. Honestly this is probably a good life lesson, that you can’t always get what you want.

Five-ish Good Things:

Our big move is just ten days away now, though I have until the end of July to get everything out of the old place. The timing was perfect to find out about this great resource for Minneapolis area residents. I’ll try to thoughtfully donate the items I don’t sell at our big moving sale.

spooky giant sculptures

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