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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Categorization Hesitation

Wow. I am absolutely loving this…and I’ve spent a good chunk of the day playing around with WordPress, figuring out what goes where and how to tweak this and that. One thing, though. Categories. Whoa. I created two dozen of ‘em, ones that seemed to line up with the sort of topics I write about. [...]

Nothing Worse Than An Undetermined Person

Almost since its inception, this blog has been behind the times. For the last 4+ years it has been a static thing, with the same design, and each entry handcoded in pico. I joked that my site was retro. But not now. No, now it has all the bells and whistles. Searchable archives! RSS feeds! [...]

Always All In It

The husband is almost never awake when the little man and I get up. This is a good thing, for him, because the man is a night owl. But this morning he’d taken it too far. He’d pulled an all-nighter, for work. A call to a client in Finland started at midnight, and was still [...]

The Right To Determine Our Own Tempos

And we’re back. Not that we went anywhere. But I haven’t been posting because it would have been me kvetching and I kvetch enough as it is. Then I realized what the problem was. It’s something strange. I think I’ve become addicted to working out. Last week the boys were sick and my allergies were [...]

Be Undismayed

It’s not all doom and gloom around here. The little man is on the mend, though the husband and I are feeling pretty crappy. Speaking of the husband…he’s been on a Kill Rock Stars kick. I approve, especially as it means there will be more new music in the house that we *both* like. He [...]

A Slow-motion Meltdown

Sick kid duty has me ready to pass out. Well, that plus the sleepy-making Zyrtec. And why am I taking that again? My eyes are still burning. The only effect it seems to be having is making me want to swan dive my way into a coma. And the little man. Oh dear. He’s been [...]

Tripping and Stumbling

Yesterday the final package arrived, rendering my costume for the Geek Prom complete. Or so I thought. I’ve been shopping and selling on Ebay for five years now. In that time I’ve had a few strange experiences, but nothing like this. Upon closer inspection it turns out that the boots I ordered, well, the seller [...]

The Players Change, The Story Remains The Same

Last night some co-worker friends joined me for the MN Rollergirls season championship. It was an exciting bout. So much drama. Players defecting from the Garda Belts to the Atomic Bombshells (and vice versa, I think), spills and thrills and some all out fights. In the end the Rockits were victorious. Good times, good times.
Back [...]

It’s Been So Long I Forgot I Was Waiting

It’s been YEEEEEEEEARS since I’ve been able to listen to my vinyl collection (mostly old school hardcore punk and post-punk stuff). But now, it’s amazing, we have a functioning turntable in the house! It’s like magic. I think it’s time to bust out some old Samiam.
In less magical news, the hills are alive…and they are [...]

Oh What A Pearl, What A Well Made World

This unseasonably warm weather has meant many trips to the playground, which is a good thing. What is not so good - the little man bringing back much of the playground with him. Thanks to the lad, who hopped into our bed with pants full of sand, there is now a grain of sand stuck [...]