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The Players Change, The Story Remains The Same

Last night some co-worker friends joined me for the MN Rollergirls season championship. It was an exciting bout. So much drama. Players defecting from the Garda Belts to the Atomic Bombshells (and vice versa, I think), spills and thrills and some all out fights. In the end the Rockits were victorious. Good times, good times.

Back at the ranch some not-so-good times were to be had. The ittle man is illin’ - and not just with allergies. I was up half the night with the poor kid. He was seriously feverish and at one point he even threw up (the boy usually isn’t a puker, unlike his mama). He lost more than his cookies too. In all the madness one of his loose front teeth came out and it really was lost. I’ve looked in all the likely places, but I don’t think it will be turning up. Good thing he doesn’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. He also doesn’t believe in the Easter Bunny, and we’re not Christian, but I did throw together a little Spring goodie basket for him this morning. The poor boy deserves it, and it contains more stickers and such than candy. So there.

an itty bitty baby chick

Bonus: I didn’t take many photos last night, but another local yokel did. Max Sparber has some great shots in this photoset.
Plus: Just discovered the kickass SuperVegan site (via the herbivore blog). Sweet.
And: This article in the NY Times about vegan firefighters makes me happy. Some of their recipes can be found here.

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