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Tripping and Stumbling

Yesterday the final package arrived, rendering my costume for the Geek Prom complete. Or so I thought. I’ve been shopping and selling on Ebay for five years now. In that time I’ve had a few strange experiences, but nothing like this. Upon closer inspection it turns out that the boots I ordered, well, the seller somehow sent me two left boots. What am I supposed to do with that? Sadly she is in the UK and there’s no way I can get the right boot(s) by Saturday. So instead she’s asked me to send these lefties back for a full refund. Bloody hassle. And I’d built the outfit around the boots. So now what?

In other news of the annoying…the poor little man is still not feeling well. So I took him to the doc yesterday. She asked me if I thought he had a sinus infection. How should I know? I’m not the doctor. We’ve been lucky in that he’s been relatively healthy since he was a toddler (a spate of ear infections led to tubes, and he’s been fine since) and he’s never had a sinus infection. It’s hard to say whether his seasonal allergies are just particularly severe this year, or if he has a cold or something else exacerbating the problem. Either way, the poor kid is crrrraaannnkkkky. Especially right before bed, when we try to get him to take some children’s sudafed. The way he’s been howling and fighting us over it it must sound, to the outside world, like we’re torturing the poor boy. But I just want him to feel better and get some sleep.

my two left feet

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