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A Slow-motion Meltdown

Sick kid duty has me ready to pass out. Well, that plus the sleepy-making Zyrtec. And why am I taking that again? My eyes are still burning. The only effect it seems to be having is making me want to swan dive my way into a coma. And the little man. Oh dear. He’s been taking Singulair since Monday (which always brings to mind Cingular, making me think of cell phones that double as drug dispensers) and I just picked up his Zyrtec today. But is he actually feeling any better? That would be a big fat no. And the kid took a three hour nap this afternoon. He only naps when he feels crappy, so that was alarming. At least he woke up all giggly rather than screamy. But I’m ready to return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Thankfully the husband just returned home with takeout from Everest on Grand. I love their domain name (and their food).

Bonus: Zophia asks…”do you know any place or group that would want a donation of like a billion old Bust and ready made magazines?” Well, gentle readers, any ideas?
Plus: As you may have noticed, that redesign iniative of mine sort of stalled out. I need the husband’s help with the heavy-duty backend business. But he ran into some CSS frustrations and such and just sort of threw his hands in the air and gave up for a bit. But now we’re working on it, together-like, so hopefully it will happen soon. For real this time.

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