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Be Undismayed

It’s not all doom and gloom around here. The little man is on the mend, though the husband and I are feeling pretty crappy. Speaking of the husband…he’s been on a Kill Rock Stars kick. I approve, especially as it means there will be more new music in the house that we *both* like. He is a creature of habit and used his tried and true method. He ordered several compilations, without consulting me, and after listening to them he ordered full lengths from the bands he liked best. Silly man. I could have told him Stereo Total is seriously awesome. He also bought some Bangs‘ CDs and a few from Comet Gain. It’s going to take me some time to listen to it all.

Speaking of time, and the lack thereof…with all the chaos in my life, I haven’t gotten around to reading The Penultimate Peril (book 12 in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events). And I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t. So that’s being bumped to the top of the To Do list, along with watching Dil Se. Nothing like a little Bollywood to get me in a better mood.

Earlier I was looking through my archives and came across a dead link…to a blogger whose writing I used to enjoy but had lost track of. Well, Allison Woo is still around, thankfully, with a photoblog called Oh, Cameras are Macho! and a purty-looking weblog. Update: Received word from Allison. That is her photoblog, but it’s actually her significant other whose blog I linked to. I could have, you know, clicked on the information link before posting. Doh!

fist of fury

Bonus: This harrowing tale of a heroic rescue made my morning.
Plus: Word of the day, says me, is Ichthyoallyeinotoxism. That’s a mouthful. But not a thing that will be in my mouth. See, once again it shows that vegan food is safer stuff.
And: This morning the little man announced “I am gargling germs!” Later on he followed that up with “sometimes fake gargling is the way to go.” I’ll keep that in mind.

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