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The Right To Determine Our Own Tempos

And we’re back. Not that we went anywhere. But I haven’t been posting because it would have been me kvetching and I kvetch enough as it is. Then I realized what the problem was. It’s something strange. I think I’ve become addicted to working out. Last week the boys were sick and my allergies were out of control so I didn’t make it to the gym. Not even once. And it was driving me crazy. I was feeling particularly sluggish (like a slug, a slug that’s been kicked around on the sidewalk, but not completely squashed) and out of sorts all week. By the weekend I was, for the most part, trapped in a lethargic daze. But it’s a fresh new week and I kicked it off with my personal trainer kicking my ass for an hour. And I loved every minute of it. I came home with a spring in my step, feeling ready to take on the world. Yes, this enthusiasm is annoying even to me. But don’t worry, the euphoria was short-lived. I accomplished precious little the rest of the day. And after school the little man and I spent too much time butting heads. If the boy is going to outright lie to me about something, he could at least try to be more convincing. I’m just saying. Ok, this could be classified as kvetching but the outlook is good for me to be getting high on endorphins this week…and that seems to be what I’m needing. More exercising = less bitching.

In other news, I did get out of the house over the weekend. Friday afternoon we went out to procure some more Dr. Seuss books, and to stop by the St. Paul Art Crawl. My friend Matt was displaying some of his fabulous photos at the Rossmor Building. That was neat. Saturday I didn’t make it out until 7pm, but hey, at least I got out. First I took the little man to our co-op, to see the adorable Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She’d driven all the way here from Brooklyn just to make us some vegan cupcakes. And by “us” I mean vegan-friendly folks in the Twin Cities, including half a dozen peeps I hadn’t seen in years.

vegan cupcakes!

I rushed the little man home afterwards so I could change into my Geek Prom get-up. Sadly I still got there too late for the Geek Prom Queen judging. I could have been a contender! But that’s just as well. Turns out there are actual duties that go along with the title. Anyhow, the event was interesting, but would have been more enjoyable if I’d rounded up a posse of nerdlings to join me. At least I did find Chuck and Lorika (the Science Museum is a very big place). And I saw Lumpy for the first time in years (he’s on the prom committee), but flying solo for this event was a little on the sad side. Oh well.

Dinosaur Tiara

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