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Monthly Archives: August 2012

An Uncooperative Reality

Oh Amazon Instant. It’s far too easy to buy season passes and sit back to let the Adventure Time episodes roll over us. Seems to be my current coping mechanism, to deal with the seasonal allergies that threaten to DESTROY ME. And my son is just down with some chill down time, after a hectic [...]

Your Childhood Is Over

Oh the joys of adult life. Taking a little time off shouldn’t be so stress inducing. But I feel like I’ve fallen behind IN ALL THINGS. Photo editing. Taking care of things around the house. Cooking good food. Making appointments for my son and myself and the car. Back to school stuff. Hanging out with [...]

The Pleasure Principle

Coming back from vacations can be a tricky business to begin with. But over this past long weekend we packed in lots of fun, and soon the kid is flying off again for an extended visit with the grandparents. And while he’s away I’ve got a little trip to take up North, a pizza cruise [...]

Pearl of Wisdom

We survived our trip to California (and I don’t just mean because Los Angeles was rattled by two 4.5 quakes within ten hours, right after we left). Our interpersonal relationships are intact. The three of us spent an awful lot of time together in confined spaces and all is still well. We had many adventures [...]

Late Night Bad Decisions

Seems like on the eve of every trip to Los Angeles, some Hollywood personality shuffles off this mortal coil. One time it was Michael Jackson (and also Farah Fawcett on the same day - my birthday). This time it was Gore Vidal.
Five random items to kick off this vacay:

Last night I came across the [...]