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Your Childhood Is Over

Oh the joys of adult life. Taking a little time off shouldn’t be so stress inducing. But I feel like I’ve fallen behind IN ALL THINGS. Photo editing. Taking care of things around the house. Cooking good food. Making appointments for my son and myself and the car. Back to school stuff. Hanging out with my Dad. Being a good cat mom. Yesterday I attempted to make up for lost time by cuddling with the cats in between bursts of productivity. I tackled laundry and cleaned and made some experimental baked goods and re-arranged the living room. Making progress feels good but there’s much more to be done. Still, I allowed myself a break last night to get to the annual Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival at Como (I hadn’t attended in four years). Excellent people watching. And some decent food stand options from Masu, United Noodles and more. Caught a taiko drumming performance and some very silly martial arts demonstrations (blindfolded people whacking at watermelons with wooden swords).

Five good things for this getting back into the swing of things Monday:

The boy returns Saturday, from his ten day trip with his grandparents. I miss him but this annual trip always does us good. And I have plenty to keep me busy before he comes back. And then we will have much busy-ness together when he is back (as always). But tonight? I will relax to the sounds of Brute Heart performing the score to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Should be lovely.

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