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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Don’t Go Quietly

The art of Guttural Visions is coming down tonight. We had a great opening night and a good show. No regrets. But what to do with the art now? I have fifteen 12 x 18 photos and one 16 x 20 canvas print. Guess I’ll try my luck with etsy, but I’ve had the postcards [...]

If We Can Do This, We Can Do Anything

Lately I’ve been working hard to transform stress into progress. Despite a few minor panic attacks I’ve made some headway.
Five major milestones:

My car loan was officially paid off two weeks ago. Now I’ve just got to keep that old Mazda running but it is mine, all mine.
I submitted my McKnight Fellowship for Photography application, [...]

Smile When You Feel Like Snarling

Yesterday I woke up at 3am and drove over 120 miles without really going anywhere. Just to and from a mechanic in a nearly rural area, while squeezing a full work day in the middle. I was feeling a little punchy much of the day. But now my car has all new struts. And I’m [...]

Life Is A Pigsty

My next door neighbors are gone. Unfortunately not the ones who sued me over tree branches, but the ones who were actually halfway decent. They left suddenly and without a word. And now their house sits vacant, with a small typed-up note on the front door. Foreclosure is the dirty word that’s been on my [...]

The Question Takes Too Long

Wow, Japan. I don’t even know what to say. And on top of the earthquake/tsunamis they’ve got a volcano erupting. This on-the-ground, up close video of the Japanese tsunami is the craziest I’ve seen yet. And you can listen to the earthquakes off the coast of Japan. According to Dangerous Minds, this is what they [...]

Unravelling of Expectations

Emotions have been running at high throttle because: 1) My son was physically assaulted at school yesterday (he’s fine, thankfully); 2) My checking account is in the red, for the second time in as many weeks, due to our continued lack of a roommate and my over-dependence on automatic bill pay (convenience vs. getting bitten [...]

Satisfying The Process

We did it! Three artists, a curator, a venue, models, and a DJ - we pulled together a lovely art show and a super fun opening. Instead of catching my breath afterward I spent the weekend recovering from my opening night hangover. Missed the Paper Darts launch party, but volume 3 is out and looking [...]

Failure is the Price of Ambition

Wow, it’s been another week where every free moment has been gobbled up by wolves. I’ve been saving loads of tidbits for blogging purposes but haven’t had time to spit them back out at the interwebs in an orderly fashion. So now I will vomit them forth.
Many good things:

Interesting stuff - Sword Dance and [...]