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Monthly Archives: August 2006

A Sense of Lassitude, a Lack of Focus

The summer completely got away from me and September has been trying to sneak up on my ass, like, in stealth mode. Yesterday I had a panic attack, realizing that we’ve only got a few weeks before the little man’s birthday - and birthday party. But then I took a deep breath and turned to [...]

It’s Dark…Is It Always This Dark??

Thursday was surreal from start to finish. I kicked the day off by taking the little man in for his first psychiatric consultation. It was his psychologist’s idea. I’ll admit I was hesistant. Resistant even. The appointment was much longer than I’d expected, but also less painful than expected. The doctor was remarkably reasonable. After [...]

Capable of Higher Semantic Control

The good:

Monday night I made it to Loring Park to see Low (though the guys declined to join me).
Yesterday we had a playdate at Brackett Park. It was lovely, even if the little man was a bit on the tired side. Dinner seemed to reinvigorate him so our little family unit went for a walk [...]

How We Kick It

Since the inception of this blog I’ve made it a general rule to avoid the topic of work…especially the specifics. These days, maybe not so much. I’ve been happily employed by Clockwork Active Media Systems since early 2005, and our kickass little company was just named one of the “Great Places to Work” by Minneapolis/St. [...]

Should the World Fail to Fall Apart

It was an anticipitation-filled day but the husband is home now, safe and sound. Unfortunately his luggage is not. It figures. This trip marked the first time he’d ever checked luggage and now it’s gone, without a trace. Hopefully Finnair will find it soon.
In other news, I have been such a slackass about getting us [...]

Admiring From Afar

Today is our third wedding anniversary…and the second one we’ve spent apart. Last year I’d taken the little man to San Francisco, but the husband stayed behind as he had to work. This year he’s in Helsinki. Working (or, as he told me this morning, “being paid to traipse about Europe”). Next year I’ll try [...]

Connection Established

After a long yet uneventful journey, the husband arrived safely in Finland. He attempted to call me but Skype doesn’t play nice with our landline’s security screen settings. And when he tried my cell phone the connection kept cutting out - so that I barely heard every fifth word or so. We wound up [...]

Values and Instabilities

Today a co-worker and I went out to grab some lunch. On the way we stopped by the eye doctor, so I could pick up my new prescription swimming goggles (yes, I am Queen of the Nerds, all other nerdlings shall bow before me). When we walked in the dude who works the counter asked [...]

Do the Whirlwind

I’ve waited until it was official…but the husband is going to Finland. Sure, it’s for work. But the only place I’ve ever been sent for work was Faribault, MN. When I first heard the news I thought maybe I could tag along, you know, lend the husband some much-needed moral support. But then I found [...]

Why Bother When One Can Sluggle

This morning I got out of my pajamas for the first time since Thursday afternoon. But only so I could get the little man to the bus stop without looking like a complete slob. I’m still running hot and cold, simultaneously. My stomach is sour and my sense of taste is shot. I’m off coffee. [...]