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A Sense of Lassitude, a Lack of Focus

The summer completely got away from me and September has been trying to sneak up on my ass, like, in stealth mode. Yesterday I had a panic attack, realizing that we’ve only got a few weeks before the little man’s birthday - and birthday party. But then I took a deep breath and turned to ebay. I bought a bunch of Star Wars-themed stuff for the party. And one of my lovely designer friends from work has agreed to assist - by whipping up a simple invitation to distribute to the lad’s classmates (so much cooler than store-bought). Also, I’ve borrowed an idea from another parent…an idea that the little man might not like so much. I’m going to inform party guests that, in lieu of gifts, they will be welcome to pledge to our fundraising drive instead. I’ve done the Headwaters Walk for Justice in years past, but this time out the little man will be joining me. And the timing is perfect. It’s the day after his party. Not sure how many folks will take us up on this, but the kid already has oodles of cool toys and books. And the husband and I are getting him even more stuff so he’ll still have plenty of presents to tear into.
Hint hint: pledges are also accepted online.

In other news, the kid was crowned King…Richard, that is, when we went to see Robin Hood over the weekend. One of his favorite teachers is also an actress. Her theater company has been putting on the production at Minneapolis parks. The little man enjoyed it so much Saturday, at Powderhorn Park, that we went back again yesterday to catch it at Whittier. And yesterday he raised his hand when volunteers were called for and that is how he came to be King Richard. Well, that, and I kinda rigged it by asking his teacher before the show if they could, you know, pick him. And it was worth it. He was so stoked! Naturally I snapped off some photos.

The Littlest Rabbit

Bonus: Tomorrow night The Clientele are playing at the 400 Bar and The Shys are playing the Ascot Room. I’ll likely miss both shows in favor of a night in, making a batch of Lubeeyah with ingredients purchased at the Mill City Farmers Market on Saturday.
Plus: In the too much information department, my body hates me. I’ve now had my period three different times this month. The husband says I should call it my ellipsis instead. Sigh.
And: Great, now flickr has added a new feature that promises to suck away even more of my precious free time - geotagging. Evil geniuses.


  1. shokufeh wrote:

    Three times!!! How are you still standing, girl?!

    Monday, September 4, 2006 at 8:51 pm | Permalink
  2. Heh. I am starting to feel anemic or something, and was hunting around for the heavy-duty iron supplements the hospital sent me home with in January. The multi-vitamins just aren’t doing the trick…

    Tuesday, September 5, 2006 at 4:30 am | Permalink

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