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Why Bother When One Can Sluggle

This morning I got out of my pajamas for the first time since Thursday afternoon. But only so I could get the little man to the bus stop without looking like a complete slob. I’m still running hot and cold, simultaneously. My stomach is sour and my sense of taste is shot. I’m off coffee. And my lungs are burning. At least the whole of my body no longer aches like one giant bruise. That’s progress, I guess.

I attempted to work from home today, in between lie downs, and did manage to get a bit done. But I missed the ambiance and communal vibe of my workplace. It’s the little things. We usually tune each other out when one of us is on the phone, but last week one small snippet reached our collective consciousness: “So basically he was just pulling my pigtails?” No idea what it was in reference to but it made us all laugh.

A few gleanings from the last several days:


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