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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Bruce Wayne Is The Mask, Not Batman

Happy Halloween! Wow. It is the last day of October already. A quick assessment. No, I did not make it to the NaNoWriMo kickoff party Friday night, but I did make it into my pajamas by 8pm. I should have spent the evening hanging out with the husband, before he headed out for his [...]

And Time Began Seriously To Pass

Where are the brakes? I am, oddly enough, not ready for today to be Friday. Tonight is the local NaNoWriMo kickoff event. Tomorrow morning the husband flies out to Palo Alto, for a week on business, with at least one trip to Maggie Mudd planned. Sunday the little man and I are hosting a [...]

Only The Occasional Vocal Interjection

Last night the little man asked for a goodnight peck on the cheek, but then pulled away abruptly, demanding to know just what was wrong with my lips. Ah, the bluntness of youth. My lips are chapped, I told him. Why, he wanted to know. It’s the sudden cold and dry weather, I said. [...]

Flattery Will Get You Somewhere

Over the weekend I was in the mood for vegan mac’n’cheese, so I suggested to the husband that he should whip us up a batch. He replied with something along the lines of, “oh, but yours turns out so much better.” It didn’t occur to me to be suspicious. Until I was pulling the [...]

Where People Prepare Themselves For Human Encounters

Somehow I talked the husband into going to The Decemberists show last night…in my place. I was feeling far too craptacular to go. The plan had been for me to attend, and for him to stay home with the little man, as is the homebody husband’s preference with these things. But last night my [...]

Beyond The Scope Of Conventional Understanding

This week there has been more of the sleeping and less of the posting, but I don’t feel rested. Dammit. Oh well. Some thoughts had while horizontal…
Third time’s the charm, right? The third roofing contractor was supposed to come out to the house yesterday to give us *his* opinion on the state of [...]

Numb And Number

Next time I’m bringing a stopwatch. The neurologist couldn’t have been in the examining room with me for more than three minutes, tops. My prediction was that he would ask how the migraine meds were working, I would tell him they weren’t (that, in fact, they’re making me feel worse), he would then prescribe [...]

Pumpkin Selection Is Serious Business

Life goes on. Having the little man around helps. So rather than going on my bi-annual melancholy trek to my brother’s grave, I took the little man to a place my brother and I greatly enjoyed when we were children. The Pine Tree Apple Orchard. It seems a much a happier way to remember [...]

The Year Of Magical Thinking

The topics of grief and grieving were already on my mind, even before I caught the tail end of Joan Didion’s interview on Fresh Air last night. Another year has gone by and my brother is still dead. Today he would have been 35 years old. I don’t expect this is going to get [...]

Sometimes It’s Not The Journey, It Is The Destination

I am not very good at doing, well, nothing. But it was one of the conditions I had to agree to just to get the husband out of the house and on this trip. In many ways I don’t have much to work with with this man. He can be pushed, or pulled, only [...]