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Numb And Number

Next time I’m bringing a stopwatch. The neurologist couldn’t have been in the examining room with me for more than three minutes, tops. My prediction was that he would ask how the migraine meds were working, I would tell him they weren’t (that, in fact, they’re making me feel worse), he would then prescribe me something else. I was close. Instead he upped my dosage and told me to come back in a month. He did say that if the drugs still aren’t working at that time, then we’ll try something else. Wash, rinse, repeat. The husband thinks I should cut my losses and run at this point, and I’m considering it, but I’m afraid I’d just be switching to another neurologist who would be making exactly the same recommendations anyway…just maybe in a slightly more reassuring and less robotic manner.

Afterwards I picked up the little man from his after school program, and took him along to Walgreen’s, to roam the aisles as we waited for my higher dosage prescription to be filled. Bad move. I completely neglected to pick up several of more essential items (say, things that would allow me to breathe through my nose, damnable allergies), yet somehow we left the store with a new light saber and Darth Vader costume for the little man. And these are not even Halloween-related, but more of your everday, round-the-house dress up items.

It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already looking ahead to another jam-packed weekend. Friday night I’m going to see The Decemberists at First Avenue (yay!), but that same night Xelias, our very own local aerial performance company and circus school, is having a performance, and I’ve just been invited to a pie-baking contest/party at a friend’s house. My vegan pumpkin pie would have kicked ass, but, alas, I can’t do it all. Dagnabit. Then Saturday night we have dinner plans with other friends, and Sunday will see us at a pirate-themed birthday party for one of the little man’s little friends. Busy busy.