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Pumpkin Selection Is Serious Business

Life goes on. Having the little man around helps. So rather than going on my bi-annual melancholy trek to my brother’s grave, I took the little man to a place my brother and I greatly enjoyed when we were children. The Pine Tree Apple Orchard. It seems a much a happier way to remember him, driving past some of the landmarks from our childhood, like the golf course where we would occasionally go sledding in the winter, and where he began to caddy in the summer, when he was old enough. Anyhow. I somehow managed to drag the husband along on this outing, but we skipped the apple-buying part (we prefer our apples organic) in favor of a trip to the pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful, clear day, and we certainly weren’t the only folks with the perfect pumpkin in mind. There were many of us wandering around, poking and peering at what nature had to offer. After a time we left with a few pumpkins that will make mighty fine jack-o-lanterns, when the time is right. Then we drove clear to the other side of the Twin Cities for lunch at Evergreen, followed by some more out-of-character consumerism. Now that we have the new dining room set, we needed new dinnerware and flatware, to use upon it, naturally.
Bonus: This is just sad, but not at all surprising: The Hidden Costs of Documentaries.
Plus: I’d intended to make it to this evening’s Found magazine event…but instead we’re hosting a dinner, to spend time with some folks visiting from out of town, and to make use of our newly acquired table and accoutrements.
And: I did pick up the Joan Didion book, and what I have read is, of course, very good so far, but for a little levity I also grabbed Jasper Fforde’s latest. Which I read in nearly one sitting. Doh.

pumpkin selection is serious business
corn stalks
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