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Monthly Archives: October 2005

Always Be Ill-prepared

Today’s Monday morning scramble has nothing to do with the regular work week, thankfully, and everything to do with being ill-prepared for our impending mini-holiday. A preferable problem, I might add. The weekend was too full with other activities (a brunch, the Wallace & Gromit movie, Cirque du Soleil) to get around to something [...]

Non-destructive Sensation Producers

Yesterday there was an article about mock meats, in general, in the Minneapolis Star Tribune…with a photo of fake shrimp at Evergreen Taiwanese Restaurant, one of our favorite veg-friendly spots about town. We’re happy any time they get press, even if it means they’re busier the next time we stop by for a meal, [...]

Challenging The Cult Of Speed

Oh, my sweet boy. Around 5:52am this morning the little man stumbled into my bedroom. He crawled into my bed, and, as soon as he got his yawning out of the way, he groggily inquired “you wanna play Candyland?” It’s his latest obsession, as they’ve been playing it at school recently. Just last schoolyear [...]

Blow By Blow, The Highs With The Lows

Last Friday didn’t start off very well. My sinuses were driving me up the wall all morning, my right eye wouldn’t stop twitching, and I inadvertently dressed my kid like Freddy Krueger (when I handed him his new shirt that morning he even said “mom, this shirt is scary” and he has no context), [...]