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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Weight of the World

It’s too easy to slip into EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE mode. Always trying to find that balance between being informed (and perpetually horrified) and ducking my head in the sand. As if the “news” at large isn’t bad enough we’ve had a rough week at home, with a side of relief. The good? In July we [...]

Borrowed Time

My body sure likes to rebel a lot. Seasonal allergies morphed into some serious sinus crud, with bonus barfing. And it had been a fairly pleasant weekend. We attended both nights of the first ever darkwave Terma Fest. Loved it but I only saw about half the bands each night - too tired/sickish. Photos to [...]

Thoughts Create Reality

The 24 hour news cycle sure can get me down. This morning I had to turn NPR off and switch over to music. We saw Savages Tuesday night and I’ve listened to Silence Yourself quite a bit since. As a photographer it was really hard to keep my camera in my bag but I respected [...]

Attempting to Ascend

September has been flying by. School is back in session and sleep is suddenly that much more precious and somehow my son is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. What? On Sunday we had our first birthday party at home in a few years. With pinatas in the garage. Badminton in the backyard. Pizza Luce delivered a pile [...]

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

August was just as much of a whirlwind as I’d expected. We spent much of it traveling, which was great (the boyfriend and I loved Toronto and Montreal while my son enjoyed Vancouver). But the bits of August that were spent at home were miserable. The humidity was officially TOO MUCH. Record breaking heat indices [...]