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Thoughts Create Reality

The 24 hour news cycle sure can get me down. This morning I had to turn NPR off and switch over to music. We saw Savages Tuesday night and I’ve listened to Silence Yourself quite a bit since. As a photographer it was really hard to keep my camera in my bag but I respected the band’s request.

Our goal is to discover better ways of living and experiencing music
We believe that the use of phones to film and take pictures during a gig prevents all of us from totally immersing ourselves
Let’s make this evening special

Thankfully most people around us respected this as well. It was like the olden days of show-going with everyone (up front at least) paying rapt attention to the performance without the distraction of glowing cameraphones being waved around. I did enjoy immersing myself in their set. So thank you Savages! This week I’ve been making more of an effort to focus on everything I’m doing, with a special emphasis on the happy-making elements. Like taking mid-day breaks for bike riding. And getting my son outside. And giving blood. And making excellent meals at home. And getting enough sleep. These aren’t new notions but every now and then I need an extra nudge in the right direction.

Five more awesome things for this Friday:

  • Fun and fab! London-based photographer Todd Antony recently spent some time in Sun City, a retirement city boasting 37,000 residents situated near Phoenix, Arizona, where he came across ‘The Sun City Poms’. They were very happy to be photographed striking their best pose against the immaculate backdrop of their sunny paradise. And on the other end of the age spectrum, ‘Meet B-Girl Terra, the Flyest Six-Year-Old Dancer Around
  • As a woman who has given birth to another human, I really like this 4th trimester photo project.
  • I always smile when I see couples wearing matching outfits. Mostly at the MN State Fair, it seems. But this is taking it to a new level! I’ve worn the same outfit as my husband for 35 years ‘If we need a new outfit, we go to the fabric shop together and pick out something we both like’ Also, this line: “Donald is an artist – he designed the now iconic pink plastic flamingos you see in gardens – so has an excellent eye for colour and is comfortable wearing distinctive designs.” Wacky.
  • Vertical gardens are the coolest. I love what French botanist and designer Patrick Blacn is doing and hope it catches on in other urban areas: Replanting the World’s Concrete Jungles, One Wall at a Time
  • Yep, this is my dream house. “The new ranch home: It’s prefab and fab, modular and modern, eco- and kid-friendly. And this Montana update of a 1950s icon makes the most of its Big Sky views”

Tomorrow night the boyfriend, my son and I are going to try another newer pizza farm. This one is closer to home, just outside the metro area in Long Lake, MN. It’s called Two Pony Gardens and I’ve been hearing good things about it. And the weather should be perfect.

yard gnome, protecting our back stairs

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