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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Into the Weeds

And we’re back. With much catching up to do work-wise and life-wise. Trying not to let myself get too distracted or led away on tangents but it’s hard. And my To Do list seems to have bloated up in my absence.
We didn’t end up locating the bronze Fonzie statue before we left the Cream City [...]

A Picture Postcard

This trip is turning my brain to mush. We’ve been lazing about the hotel room A LOT but I haven’t been working on my novel. Or even reading A. Lee Martinez’s new one. Instead we’re watching far too much Cartoon Network. Every other commercial the kid is all “ooh, I want one of those!” Conspicuous [...]

The Study of Change

Today is Ada Lovelace Day - an international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science.
Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace was born on 10th December 1815, the only child of Lord Byron and his wife, Annabella. Born Augusta Ada Byron, but now known simply as Ada Lovelace, she wrote [...]

A Big Jazzy Blur

This morning I decided that These New Puritans would provide the soundtrack to my day. This was a good plan. It’s been a decidedly good day, breezing by at a good clip.
Five or so other good things:

Steampunks ahoy! I’d admired Dan Hillier’s artwork in the past but he’s teamed up with an animator to [...]

Infinite Prospects of Peril

Lately I’ve been inordinately preoccupied with my son’s future. His immediate future in particular…as in the 5th grade. At this point there are no clear options for next school year. His current charter school has found a new building so we could move with them, for one final year. But he is really ready to [...]

Dulling the Sense of Urgency

Some days the parenting, it feels like being thrown into a three-ring circus. You wake up on some random Wednesday but then the perils appear. Before you know it you’re walking the highwire. And then someone flings in a flaming hoop to jump through for good measure. All while trying to juggle the work-work and [...]

Living In The Fish Bowl

So I’ve been giving this dating thing another go. It had been ages since I’d been out with someone entirely new. Instead I have a long history of falling into sticky situations with guys I’ve been friends with for a long while first. New = sort of terrifying. And there are no readily available Gattaca-style [...]

The Poetry Of Gravity

It’s been a gloomy, sleepy week so how about some Friday fun? Hmm, looks like it’ll be more than five good things this time. I’ve been hoarding.

First off, I’m wondering if this method may work for my balance-challenged child. Poor kid doesn’t know how to ride a bike yet and I think it’s high time [...]

The Time Is Right To Fight

For a few weeks I felt a burning desire to smash everything to bits. It was the one-two punch of car problems plus my court date with the neighbors, and then finding out my son’s charter school would be moving again. Stressor upon stressor upon stressor! I’ve gone on at length about the car and [...]

The Symphony of Existence

This year I’d hoped to take my son to the San Diego Comic Con. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made that declaration. Our finances are just barely limping along as it is. Maybe I figured we’d have a roommate helping to pay the bills but that didn’t come to pass. So [...]