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Monthly Archives: February 2005

Free Flying Birds

And we’re back. But only just. Words and pictures to come. Soon. (If I’m not overwhelmed by all the reality rushing my way.)

From Bedrooms And Basements To The World

That last post was all doom and gloom and not a good note to leave off on for the weekend. Besides, it’s amazing how much a cup a coffee can change one’s attitude. That, and a reassuring phone call from the little man’s psychologist. So I’ll try to post some happy happy joy joy [...]

Rapid Uncontrolled Decline

The husband and I are getting ready to go away together for the weekend, alone, for the first time since 2002. Naturally we would have to receive some seriously shitty news yesterday, as a sending away gift of sorts. It’s one more lousy thing to add to my slagheap of problems to obsess over. [...]

So That The Whole World Can Tune In To My Disbelief

Today I am awash in conflicting emotions…
DESPAIR My own carelessness has caused the death of an innocent USB cable…and now my most recent photographs are trapped on my camera FOREVER! Okay, they’re stuck on my SmartMedia card really, and only until I head to GNS for a replacement cable. But, but, but…I’m feeling lazy. [...]

Adventure Is Discomfort In Retrospect

I didn’t set foot on an airplane until I was sixteen years old. Sad but true. The little man, now five, has not yet flown. But his paternal grandmother is kicking around an idea…of having us tag along on one of her business trips next month. To NYC. So not only would it herald [...]

The Term Is ‘party Catalyst’

This morning we attended a child’s birthday party at the Science Museum of Minnesota. It was a fabulous idea, but such things are only becoming more difficult for my little man. First off, the only child he knew was the birthday girl herself (the other nine or so kids were classmates of hers) so [...]

I Thought It Was More Literary Than Cinematic

Last night my NPR nerd quotient skyrocketed. I unexpectedly found myself on the guest list (thanks Jessica!) for MPR’s new series, Literary Friendships…and with a neighbor willing to watch my child while I stepped out for it. It was especially thrilling as the show featured one of my favorite authors, Michael Chabon, and his [...]

J.t. Ripper Takes On J.m. Thumper

The husband just made me laugh so hard I spewed chocolate soymilk on to my pants, the floor, my keyboard, and my chin (miraculously missing my shirt). And I continued laughing so hard that I hurt my back and had to wipe the tears from my eyes before cleaning up. Damn, I needed that.

The King Kong Of Oral Obsessives

All right, I just need to settle down, narrow my focus and take on one thing at a time. Starting…right…now. This morning I made an appointment for the little man, with a pediatric dental specialist. I’m not looking forward to it. The kid despises brushing his teeth, and so I doubt he’ll take kindly [...]

When Did I Sign Up To Be The Ranking Adult?

Lately each day has brought us a spate of fresh problems, or complications to pre-existing ones. I can expend only so much energy dealing with this stuff…before I feel like curling up and going fetal in the corner. So much of it is big picture stuff (the little man’s future is in my hands, [...]