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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Be Cautious In Your Daily Affairs

Now I have something a little too exciting to report. A little bit ago I was waiting for the little man’s school bus to return, sitting on the front porch as I often do. Our street is a fairly quiet one. So I thought it highly unusual when a caravan of five vehicles turned [...]

Life On The Installment Plan

Nothing too exciting to report about the weekend. No highest highs or lowest lows, just a few mildly disappointing disappointment(s):

I didn’t get to see The Thermals on Saturday. Sure, it was an early evening all ages show. But I don’t think the little man is ready for that just yet. I can’t imagine him [...]

Kung Fu Hilarious

The spectacular Stephen Chow is at it again. Just yesterday I found out about Kung Fu Hustle, his latest comedy/action effort.

The use of “Ballroom Blitz” (in the American trailer, the original, by the band Sweet) is absolutely brilliant. And the action director was Yuen Woo-ping, who also choreographed the fight sequences for the [...]

Dreams Inevitably Lead To Hideous Implosions

Oddly enough, some of my plans of yesterday seem to be panning out. First, my efforts to keep the little man away from the computer(s) worked out. After he came home from school we headed to Lookout Ridge, where he happily cavorted about for two hours. When we returned home we encountered a neighbor [...]

Calm Spreads Calm

Last night I made an attempt to get the little man away from the computer, and his repeated, obsessive Toy Story viewings. After one of my suggestions he looked at me, dead serious, and said:
“We can’t do something fun…[pause]…it’s too dangerous.”
Uh-huh. That’s when I turned off each of the computers. For [...]

A Spacial Temporal Haze

It was a surprisingly productive morning. Conferred with the little man’s school nurse, reassuring her that the ringworm-type rash (yay) on his neck isn’t contagious. According to the doctor, anyhow, who suggested he wear turtlenecks to school for the rest of the week, just to put the nurse at ease. Life is so goofy [...]

Technical Difficulties And Consolations

Last night my faithful old monitor died in my sleep (after I’d gone to bed, while the husband was setting up my brand spanking new computer). After ten years of service the sad little 14″ sucker was ready to be retired anyhow. But the only temporary replacement in the house was the husband’s recently [...]

Life Is An Acute Condition

I was ill-prepared for our hospital visit, even though it’s been scheduled for six weeks, and I’ve spent the last sixteen months trying to get us there. So this morning found us racing out of the house while neglecting to roll the trash to the curb and I couldn’t find any of the three [...]

Post-holiday Pick-me-up

This evening the lovely ladies converged on my house for the first time in ages. The three of us hadn’t gotten together since our impromptu pumpkin-carving party. In October. Yeah. But we do like to exchange gifts after the holidays, to drag it out as long as possible. And we scored some sweet swag. [...]

Drink Fast

Last night I was cutting bits out of an old copy of Print Magazine, to make a collage/thank you card, when one photo in particular caught my eye. I paused to read the snippet associated with it, which led me to the “Canned” project of an architectural firm in Japan:
Over one thousand types [...]