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Life On The Installment Plan

Nothing too exciting to report about the weekend. No highest highs or lowest lows, just a few mildly disappointing disappointment(s):

  • I didn’t get to see The Thermals on Saturday. Sure, it was an early evening all ages show. But I don’t think the little man is ready for that just yet. I can’t imagine him leaving ear plugs in his ears, let alone letting me put said ear plugs in.
  • As I wasn’t able to go to the show, I gave myself a consolation prize. The lad and I went to IKEA instead. It was only my second visit there (since their opening last summer) and the first with the little man. He did surprisingly well, walking through the store at my side, looking at the brightly colored bits and baubles. After I made my purchases he was patient as we left to stow them in the car…before heading back inside to play in the kids’ area for a bit (the whole thing made me somewhat nervous, even though they have a pretty good system - you sign your kid in, you each get a stamp with the same number on it, and the parent/guardian who signed the kid in must be the one to sign them out). Unlike the other parents who ditched and dashed, I hovered nearby, watching him play the entire time through a plate glass window. Overall, a good trip for us both. But when I got home I realized I’d bought two flat bedsheets, and no fitted ones. Because I am S-M-R-T smart. I guess I’ll have to go back, but maybe a weekday morning, while the lad is at school. Don’t want to push my luck.
  • Every time I allow myself to entertain the thought “hey, I might be pregnant this time” mother nature intervenes instantly, unleashing her wrath with the imminent arrival of Aunt Flo. And thus it was yesterday morning. So I whined to the husband, “ugh, we’re going to have to try again.” His reaction? “Oh, darn”.

Should be a moderately interesting week. Today my wide angle lens is due to arrive at long last. Tomorrow we may go see The Incredibles again, at the dollar theater. And Thursday morning we’re due back at the hospital, to go over the results of the little man’s neuropsych assessment. I suspect I’ll have trouble sleeping Wednesday night. Well, more so than usual.
Bonus: Receptionista is making me want to get new ear baubles in a bad way. And I’ve realized that I haven’t had my lobes stretched since well before the little man was born. Nor have my current baubles been out in that time.

IKEA's underground entrance
the kid in IKEA cart
new IKEA bedding