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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Amplifying the Weirdness Factor

This week my creative juices have run dry. I haven’t even been taking photos. I feel like I could lie down and not get up again for a good six months or so. Everything is…off. Just to complete this post I’ll need to combine disparate snippets into a snippet soup of sorts.

Looks like the Art [...]

Magic in the Mundane

We’ve been having a quiet weekend at home. It’s too cold out to get my wussy self down to the Winter Carnival, but it sort of came to us…Friday night we could hear the teenage battle of the bands from Harriet Island. So instead of risking frostbite I’ve stayed inside to do lots of cooking [...]

Walking Between Raindrops

My current plan is to stop fixating on the stressors in my life, of which there are many, and try to focus instead on the things that make me smile. Easier said than done. Still, I was delighted to read about the Walker’s next Free First Saturday. Partially because my dear friend Chuck will [...]

Your Guns Are Pointed The Wrong Way

I am in dire need of escapism, now more than ever, but have had less time than usual to unwind. And even if I had more time it should probably be used more productively. That said, I finally finished off Season Two of Arrested Development, courtesy of a friend, and have Season Three in the [...]

It’s Warm Away From Windows

Yesterday my son was bitten by a classmate at school. In a tender area, on the inside of his upper arm. It is bruised. He is relatively unphased by it. Me? My ire is up. But that seems to be the case lately, in general. Though I had to smile when I got an email [...]

Double Reverse Reveal

The little man is in the first grade. These days first graders have homework every night (I don’t recall having homework at that age). Nearly every assignment has been math-related. And for the most part he can easily complete these on his own…as long as I am sitting nearby, radiating encouragement. But lately the worksheets [...]

Flying In and Out of the Confusing Tumble

As usual, it’s been all highs and lows mixed together, with me just trying to muddle through the day to day. But at least today has been a better day.
And I have something to look forward to. This coming weekend will be a whirlwind…hanging out with the lovely Iseult on Friday night and Saturday morning [...]

Pointless Walks to Dismal Places

The little man has become obsessed with death and dying. And who can blame him? In the last year we’ve lost his brother and now both of our cats. I put Selina to sleep on Friday. It was time, yes, but it still sucks. So I’ve been dealing with the depressing with my usual - [...]

Everything is Experience

Ok, so I was trying to roll with the happy happy…but the thing is, I am one giant ball of stress right now. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I’m hoping this too shall pass.

p.s. And I don’t even have any distractions to offer today! What a failure.
p.p.s. What have you got? Hit me. Please.

Experience is Everything

My secret boyfriend and B-movie icon, Bruce Campbell, is now the spokesman for Old Spice! Yes, I am suggesting you go watch a commercial, but it is worth it. Especially the thoughtful little touches, like Ash’s chainsaw resting in front of the fireplace. Not so sure about the frilly flash site though. I don’t care [...]