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Amplifying the Weirdness Factor

This week my creative juices have run dry. I haven’t even been taking photos. I feel like I could lie down and not get up again for a good six months or so. Everything is…off. Just to complete this post I’ll need to combine disparate snippets into a snippet soup of sorts.

  1. Looks like the Art Shanty Project is back to being a no-go. I’d planned to take the little man on Saturday, but the forecasted high temperature for the day is a bone-chilling soul-sucking -4 degrees. Fahrenheit.
  2. Yes, I am a nerd, but I love hanging out in the kitchen in the evenings, cooking while listening to Marketplace. I’m not into the stock market or anything but I enjoy the sorts of stories they put together. Monday they were comparing Mini Cooper’s RFID-activated billboards campaign to that scene in Minority Report, where John Anderton is being assaulted by advertising…triggered by retinal scanners. Oh, and they played Only in Dreams by Weezer.
  3. Cirque de Soleil’s Delirium will be coming through next week. Anyone have a spare ticket for me? I didn’t think so.
  4. When I was up in Duluth I somehow managed to lose first one then the other of my earrings. The nice twisty 6 gauge ones. I’ve ordered replacements online. In the meantime I’ve had to pop in my old 8 gauge pincers. And I’m having an allergic reaction to the stupid o rings that hold them in place. Ugh. I hope the new earrings arrive soon. But I ordered them from the UK. *smacks forehead*
new fingerless gloves

Bonus: Last weekend the Idiotarod 2007 took place in NYC. So very surreal.
Plus: Readymechs, free flatpack toys to print and build. So very cool.
And: Look at these photos. So very cute. And Zophia is like a foot taller than I am. Seriously.

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  1. emily wrote:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your snippet soup, miss. Although I’m sad to hear that you’re feeling off. I think alot of us are right now. This is a good time to go easy on yourself, and put the stuff that you want to do ahead of the stuff that you should do. Need to clean the house? It can wait. Make some drawings with the Little Man instead.

    Of course, this advice I’m giving is why my actual house is in shambles right now, while my VIRTUAL house in Animal Crossing is totally badass.


    I think I’ll go print out some Readymechs now! Awesome!

    Thursday, February 1, 2007 at 10:24 am | Permalink

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