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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Dark Knight V. Space Ranger

Friday the little man had an impromptu overnight with his grandmother, which left me free to head out…to our regional NaNoWriMo kickoff event. A couple dozen folks showed up, including a few familiar faces, but there was one in particular. Figuring out how I knew him nearly drove me mad. While mentally ticking off [...]

My Life As A Teenage Robot

Equal parts swamped and sluggish…a lethally useless combination. Too incoherent to come up with my own content, so I must send you away. For now.

Enjoyed this interview with one of my favorite artist/illustrators, Seonna Hong.
Two beautifully done games, Treasure Box and A Murder of Scarecrows.
Couldn’t help but smile at this unhappy little ewok.
Looking forward [...]

Because Your Candle Burns Too Bright

Despite starting out with a most unfortunate meal, and missing the blood-red lunar eclipse due to cloudy skies, Wednesday night’s pumpkin-carving activities were good fun for everyone. My favorite of the night? The collaboration between the little man and my velvet vamp, Zophia. He drew the face on, and she carved it (pictured below). [...]

The Fuckest Uppest

Halloween has always been a big deal for me, probably because my Dad went above and beyond the call of duty, creating the freaking coolest costumes around for the lot of us. We never had the store bought kind, those were so gauche, darling (it didn’t occur to me that we probably couldn’t afford [...]

Our Elfquest

It turns out I’ve been completely out of the loop. For about nine years. You see, no one told me there had been a little elf living at Lake Harriet. But the local rags knew, and CNN did too. Somehow I came upon the knowledge yesterday morning, and was determined that the little man [...]

C’mon Miracle

Yesterday we were granted another fine Fall day. That made for two days, in a row, of bright blue sky (the weeks of dreary gray had been getting me down). When we weren’t outside I persuaded the husband to make some snickerdoodles, and I whipped up a batch of curried squash wild rice soup. [...]

Another Window On The World

Yesterday was an off-day. Most it was spent in a fog, with me thinking it was already Sunday. Upon figuring out that it wasn’t I was instead convinced that it was time to Fall Back. Wrong again. That’s next weekend, just in time for Halloween. Thankfully today has gotten off to a better start. [...]

Multiple Bitch Challenge Winner

Back in the old days, when the husband was working just one overnight part-time job, it was like we were playing host to a crew of magical house-elves. I would often wake to a sparkling clean house, with the dishes washed, the floors swept and mopped, and sometimes even find fresh baked goods (such [...]

Patience Is A Virtue I Do Not Possess

For the second Friday in a row the UPS guy has delivered us new toys (but we’d best not make a habit of it or we’ll be totally broke). Today saw the delivery of the husband’s new faux leather workboots from Pangea (the last Vegetarian Shoes pair held up for many years but were [...]

Fetishized Idiosyncrasy

I take straightening my hair very seriously. If I could afford a Japanese thermal perm, I’d do it. In the mean time, I spend far too much of my time taking a hairdryer and flat iron to my hair, and often injuries are sustained. For instance, the carpal tunnel in my right wrist is [...]