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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Stirring Up the Bees

I’ve made peace (mostly) with my life as an unpartnered single parent. Obviously there are times when it is rough, without a reliable co-parent or safety net. All kinds of feelings were felt at our house recently, just before the kid left town to visit his grandparents. On a Friday I’d gotten home from a [...]

Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows

Grand Shanghai closed. That is the third of our favorite Chinese restaurants to go under. First it was E Noodle in the Rice Street neighborhood and then the beloved Evergreen Chinese on Eat Street last summer. It sounds like Grand Shanghai may possibly reopen in another location (fingers crossed) but in the meantime we need [...]

Weird Wonders

Today is International Cat Day. My son and I are celebrating the same way since 2012. Attending the Internet Cat Video Festival. Though it will never be quite as magical as that first year. The Walker Art Center had no idea what they were getting themselves into by setting up the initial event in their [...]

Tidal Friction

This is the first weekend in months that I’ve been able to relax. We’re still unpacking and settling in but the new place is comfortable and already feeling like home. Bonus? Our new internet service is blazingly fast. I just uploaded 81 hi-res photos in the blink of an eye. Currently catching up on my [...]