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Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows

Grand Shanghai closed. That is the third of our favorite Chinese restaurants to go under. First it was E Noodle in the Rice Street neighborhood and then the beloved Evergreen Chinese on Eat Street last summer. It sounds like Grand Shanghai may possibly reopen in another location (fingers crossed) but in the meantime we need to find a decent alternative. A place with vegan dumplings and tofu and broccoli. We are open to suggestions!

Five Good local food-related Things:

  • This week Candyland celebrated 86 years in business! The original downtown St. Paul location was a fixture of my childhood. I’m trying to eat less sugar (the struggle is real) but I feel the need to stop by there soon.
  • El Burrito is opening a new location, in the former Pepito’s spot next to the Parkway. The theater is still being renovated but will hopefully be re-opening next month. With up-to-code insulation and HVAC. Along with giving the building new life I hope they revive the monthly Kaiju movies. My kid and I love those.
  • The amazing Milkjam Creamery is opening a second location this weekend and it’s even closer to where we live now. Stoked. Too bad they don’t have space for a full World Street Kitchen there as well. My son just discovered their tofu burritos.
  • The Minnesota State Fair kicks off August 23rd. I’m planning to go with co-workers on the 24th, and sample some of the new foods (particularly the “Earth Wings” and Sweet Greek Cheese Puffs). And again on the 29th with my son and friends for one of our favorite annual happenings - the Llama Costume Contest!
  • Next month the annual Twin Cities Veg Fest will be held over my son’s birthday weekend. This year moving to Harriet Island Regional Park. Hopefully they get a handle on how much space they need between food trucks this time. Last year the lines were long and too crowded together.

A bonus food item that is not specifically local but just what I needed! Make a Tiny Batch of Jam with Your Saddest Leftover Fruit - “For the dirtbag Laura Ingalls Wilder in all of us.” Love it.

stuffed gorillaz

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