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Weird Wonders

Today is International Cat Day. My son and I are celebrating the same way since 2012. Attending the Internet Cat Video Festival. Though it will never be quite as magical as that first year. The Walker Art Center had no idea what they were getting themselves into by setting up the initial event in their Open Field. They figured a few cat fans might show up. But there wound up being over 10,000 of us. It has moved around to different venues since. At the State Fair grounds, back at the Walker, and the last few have been at the Saint Paul Saints Stadium. The first catvidfest was held in Minneapolis when we were still living in Saint Paul. Now it’s the reverse. Figures.

Five Good Cat Things:

  • After the first catvidfest we discovered we made it into the BBC’s Weird Wonders of the World, season one episode four, when they featured the catvidfest. That episode is still on Netflix. I’m just sitting on the hill in the background of one shot with some friends, talking with my hands like I do.
  • The first two years we got to hang out with Lil Bub a bit. And I took a photo of Lil Bub and her owner that Buzzfeed wound up posting (#5, without credit because they pulled it from a tumblr who had posted it without attribution)
  • Cat lovers, this is how a feline friend can boost your health
  • There are so many cat cafes in the US that there’s a best of list. The cat’s meow: 14 of the best cat cafes in the US. We’ve been to the Denver Cat Company (purrrfect) but we also visited some great ones in Montreal and Seattle.
  • Now would be a wonderful day to finally watch the Kedi movie.
CatVidFest collage

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