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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Glowing in the Gloaming

It’s been a fairly fantastic weekend. Much of it, Thursday-Saturday, was spent in NE Minneapolis: Get Your Art Rock On at Heliotrope (I’d intended to post more about it before it happened - whoops). My photos are here.
Thrown into the mix was a pediatric dental appointment Friday morning. In general dentistry and autism do [...]

With Curiosity, But Without Animus

Oh the awkwardness in my life. Tonight I will attend the “Conversation Among Parents: Talking about Sexuality with our Children with Developmental Disabilities” workshop. Not exactly jumping for joy over it. In less disconcerting oddness…my ex-husband is a sweet but strange beast. He just bought my son a case of whoopee cushions. A DOZEN OF [...]

Keep Calm and Carry On

My Monday has been a bit rough around the edges, despite having had another crackerjack weekend. But it can’t be terrific all the time. A quick round-up: Thursday night’s Clockwork Spring Party 2010 was a complete success. And at the party someone dropped off a big bag of Sculpey modeling clay for my kid, who [...]

Moments of Compensatory Happiness

Been slogging through your everyday wear-you-down sort of life stuff this week, but in and around all of that there have been plenty of highlights. Like making home-cooked meals. And enjoying excellent weather from the safety of my back deck (my weedy, overgrown yard is looking like Land of the Lost). And spending quality time [...]

The Discovery of Perspective

Last weekend was a fabulous whirlwind. Highlights? Friday’s Art-A-Whirl happenings in NE Minneapolis, including dinner at Brasa before a friend’s art opening at Fox Tax Gallery. Followed by The Slow Mirror & The Metronome with Zak Sally on a boat and STNNNG on a raft on the river. Saturday afternoon was a hectic one spent [...]

Turning Darkness Into Light

Five fabulous things for this wonderful Friday (yes, the return of sunshine seriously affects my pleasure centers):

When all was still in rainy-day gloom and doom mode yesterday the boy and I went to see The Secret of Kells. Stylistically it was strangely like Miyazaki meets Craig McCracken and absolutely lovely in all its 2D hand-animated [...]

Ambitious Vision

Celebrity is a fascinating construct. And one I’m largely unaffected by. Sure, I respect and admire talent. And I’ll admit to a certain giddiness when faced with people whose work I enjoy - like when I met Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine at All Tomorrows Parties. Or when I’ve interacted with [...]

Exhibition Of Rejects

Five happy-making things on this exhausting Tuesday:

My new 5-minute crush? Pop surrealist Andrew Brandou. Howdy pardner, indeed. Simply gorgeous stuff. Interview with the artist here.
I also adore the National Film Board of Canada. View all of the entries in their 6th Annual Short Films Online Contest here. One entry, Love & Theft from Andreas Hykade, [...]

An Escape From The Intolerable

Though I had a pretty stellar weekend this gloomy, non-Spring-like Monday leads me down the rabbit hole to darker thoughts.

A depressing yet fascinating photo project: The Places We Live. According to the United Nations urban slums are the world’s fastest growing form of housing. More than one billion people live in urban slums and [...]

Dazzling and True

Despite the sudden shift in weather patterns - from mild warmish Spring to partly cloudy with periods of complete and utter shit (snow in May? really?) - we managed to have a fantastic Cinco de Mayonnaise celebration at my house yesterday. This annual tradition has been augmented to include copious amounts of Lady Gaga’s genius, [...]