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Glowing in the Gloaming

It’s been a fairly fantastic weekend. Much of it, Thursday-Saturday, was spent in NE Minneapolis: Get Your Art Rock On at Heliotrope (I’d intended to post more about it before it happened - whoops). My photos are here.

Thrown into the mix was a pediatric dental appointment Friday morning. In general dentistry and autism do NOT mix well. My son’s last dental ordeal was THREE years ago. Oops. Then, even with nitrous and novocaine, he had to be immobilized in an emergency stabilization blanket. It was traumatic for us both. But this time? Things went smoothly. Surprisingly so. Sure, the little man is older now but he was so much more cooperative. Pair that with more compassionate dental staff and it was remarkably painless. And cavity-free! On the way home I treated him with a couple of cool Japanese toys from the Burlesque / First Amendment Arts garage sale. But apparently he’d used up all of his good behavior credits at the dentist because Saturday? We walked to Harriet Island for our annual Padelford boat ride down the Mississippi, which he usually enjoys, but this time out he inexplicably grumped and sulked all the way through. Go figure.

Our Sunday was chock full of extreme laziness. Never did make it to the store. Or shower. Or put pants on, really. So I either have to head over soon or figure something out from what’s in the cupboards. But we’re missing that most magical of ingredients. PEANUT BUTTER. It factors into my favorite recipes and there is no substitute. And we have three eating-related events to attend today.

Five good things:

Now to finish mowing the lawn before showering, cooking and heading out to hit up two BBQs and a picnic on this utterly gorgeous Memorial Day Holiday. Be safe out there today folks.

getting soooo metal, on our morning walk

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