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The Discovery of Perspective

Last weekend was a fabulous whirlwind. Highlights? Friday’s Art-A-Whirl happenings in NE Minneapolis, including dinner at Brasa before a friend’s art opening at Fox Tax Gallery. Followed by The Slow Mirror & The Metronome with Zak Sally on a boat and STNNNG on a raft on the river. Saturday afternoon was a hectic one spent running around - photo assisting at a wedding - but that evening was enjoyably mellow. Stopped by a going away to-do at The Muddy Pig (I’d never been inside!) before going on to see Dark Dark Dark at the Turf Club with friends. It was just the thing. And Sunday was perfectly lovely. A grown-up brunch, eating outdoors at Seward Cafe before engaging in child retrieval mode. Then it was on to MCBA’s SpringCon 2010 where we were all overstimulated to the point of exhaustion. But in a most excellent way. And this entire week and weekend promise to be just as busy. Actually, we are in GO-GO-GO mode for the forseeable future. BIG things are happening.

Five good distractions from the busy-busy-ness:

There was a particularly pitiful moment in my Monday where I was sooooooo swamped (after an action-packed workday, while making dinner, before racing off to a summer camp orientation for the kid) I actually entertained a crazy astronaut thought, ever so briefly, thinking “I wish someone else could go to the bathroom for me.” Umm, no. That ain’t right. Chaos will have to be better managed to avoid such low points in the future. Thankfully I had some quiet time to myself in the late evening, spent with a book (Dead in the Family, the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series). And in this way my precarious balance will be maintained.

Zena, the best and most adorable stylist ever

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