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Moments of Compensatory Happiness

Been slogging through your everyday wear-you-down sort of life stuff this week, but in and around all of that there have been plenty of highlights. Like making home-cooked meals. And enjoying excellent weather from the safety of my back deck (my weedy, overgrown yard is looking like Land of the Lost). And spending quality time with my boyfriend. And spending quality time with my kid, of course. Yesterday morning in the car he began cackling Crispin Glover style. Not sure if that should be filed under good or bad but it was as entertaining as it was alarming.

Other excellent things excelling in the field of excellence:

We have yet another busy weekend ahead. Tonight is Clockwork’s big bash (many compromising photos to come, I’m sure). Tomorrow night is a very special art opening in St. Paul that everyone should get to (this means YOU). Saturday the kid and I have a birthday party to attend way way out in the burbs, followed by an acquaintance’s housewarming BBQ closer to home. And Sunday? Still on the fence about a Taco Farm journey. Hermitude in the coming heatwave may just win out.

Dan's DIY Munny, backside

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