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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Celebration of Durability

It has been an especially strange time to live in Minneapolis. I’ve posted about the Chauvin trial plenty elsewhere. I’ll just reiterate that this verdict is accountability more than actual justice. There is so much work to do yet. And Minneapolis can’t even begin to do the work until we vote our current weaksauce mayor [...]

Everything is Alive

Spring has sprung. And earlier than ever, according to science. Recently, NPR’s Short Wave podcast had an episode entitled “Are seasonal allergies getting worse?” Spoiler alert: yes! I could tell as allergies set my eyes aflame earlier than ever. But it’s all so beautiful. Flowers are beginning to bloom and the grass is turning green. [...]

The Edge of Unpleasant

My son had his first dose of the vaccine on Monday. Such a relief. When I booked his appointment there were dozens and dozens available so I shared the link. Because of that, at least a dozen people I know were able to get in as well. We ran into several of them in the [...]

It’s Only Heavy If You Lift It

It was a rough week, on multiple levels. The trial of Derek Chauvin has been grueling. The prosection has been doing a great job and I am so proud of the witnesses who have testified so far. And this is causing vicarious trauma, particularly for our Black brothers and sisters in our community and around [...]