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The Edge of Unpleasant

My son had his first dose of the vaccine on Monday. Such a relief. When I booked his appointment there were dozens and dozens available so I shared the link. Because of that, at least a dozen people I know were able to get in as well. We ran into several of them in the parking lot (including an ex). It was also a record-breaking heatwave of a day, reaching 84 in April. And the day my doctor advised me to stop taking Prozac. The side effects have been miserable for me. I’ll try again with another anxiety medication after consulting a specialist. I’m particularly interested in pharmacogenomics, the DNA testing that can be done to determine what medication might work best for someone.

Genetic testing can help a doctor determine whether a medication will be effective for a patient and provide dosing guidance. It can also help alert clinicians to medications that might be potentially harmful to patients.

That seems promising. Naturally, health insurance might not cover it. For now, I just need to get myself through April and May. My day job has been overwhelmingly busy and I’m teaching on top of that. I have 15 more classes to teach before I get a break. We’ll be fully vaccinated by the end of May and I’m taking two weeks of vacation time from my day job. Part of that time will be spent on projects around the house, going to the dentist, and maybe, just maybe, getting another tattoo. But I’ve changed my mind about travel. Rather than a road trip, we will be flying to Seattle to visit family. The CDC has deemed it safe for us. At the start of the year, we had no idea when we would get our vaccine and I was resigned to not travel again until 2022 at the earliest. This still feels surreal. I’m relieved that our family will be fully vaccinated but I feel guilty about it. So many others haven’t been able to get an appointment. Though FEMA will be holding a mass vaccination clinic at the MN State Fairgrounds starting next week. I hope a lot of folks are able to get in there.

My son showing off the bandaid on his arm after he received his first dose of the Moderna vaccine

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