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Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Orthodoxy of Adulthood

Tuesday night we had the most subdued - and briefest - of my Pizza Farm Adventures. But the boy was with me and it was a school night. And the boyfriend wanted to get to some house shows after (which I lamed out on). Still, a pleasant evening with mild weather and almost no wait [...]

A Piece of the Sky

The boy is back at school today and I’m back at work. Though I arrived this morning only to realize I’d forgotten my laptop and had to double back for it. And my ex who usually takes the lad after school on Tuesdays is out of town. I’m taking advantage of this and dragging the [...]

Spectator and Spectacle

My little heart is singing after last night. It was the first evening of Heliotrope 9 at The Lab Theater. Heliotrope is the most magical Minneapolis music happening of the year, for me. And bonus? The Anchor Fish and Chips food truck was there. Maaan their chips with curry are so yum. I got up [...]

Getting Into the Jam

Last night my son surprised me. He asked for something “new” for dinner. This is huge. Kids on the autism spectrum are generally not too hip to new anything - especially at mealtimes. In this case the new to him food was just spaghetti, with sauce (he’s always consumed his noodles completely plain). Last night [...]

Spectator and Spectacle

Somehow I was allowed a splendid weekend before descending into seasonal allergy hell. Raw-throated now, in full on been-gargling-broken-glass mode. This too shall pass.
The full weekend of fun began early with Thursday night’s “Save or Shave?” benefit show. And continued with the boyfriend’s birthday on Friday. On a whim I got us a hotel room [...]

Life Out of Balance

No way around it…this anniversary always sucks. It has now been twenty three years since my brother lost his battle with leukemia. I try to remember him fondly and to focus on the good times we had together without dwelling so much on his illness. But what a horrible way to die. And before his [...]

Failure is Part of the Show

Last weekend I received not one but two fun packages via the USPS, enjoyed an exceptional doom metal duo, an early morning anonymous choir in-store at Treehouse Records, Obscura Day at House of Balls, watching Alien with the boyfriend, and a burst of getting-things-done productivity. And yet I started this week off in such a [...]