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Getting Into the Jam

Last night my son surprised me. He asked for something “new” for dinner. This is huge. Kids on the autism spectrum are generally not too hip to new anything - especially at mealtimes. In this case the new to him food was just spaghetti, with sauce (he’s always consumed his noodles completely plain). Last night he asked for sauce, and for a giant side salad of spinach, piled high with fresh vegetables - but no dressing - and he ate it ALL. Go figure.

Five other good things:

This coming weekend is the most magical weekend of the year. Memorial Day weekend yes but more importantly HELIOTROPE 9! This year at yet another location, in the Warehouse District, with food trucks. I was just interviewed for MPLS.TV’s “Players Without Instruments” series and made sure to rep Heliotrope as much as possible. I think even more folks should come experience the awesomeness of it (and not *just* those of us involved in the oddball music community).


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