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Spectator and Spectacle

Somehow I was allowed a splendid weekend before descending into seasonal allergy hell. Raw-throated now, in full on been-gargling-broken-glass mode. This too shall pass.

The full weekend of fun began early with Thursday night’s “Save or Shave?” benefit show. And continued with the boyfriend’s birthday on Friday. On a whim I got us a hotel room downtown Minneapolis. Dinner was had at Haute Dish before an evening of nerd rock with energetic front man Dick Valentine and Electric Six. I failed to take a single photograph on this day. Saturday morning we attempted to brunch at Hell’s Kitchen but I’d forgotten they are notoriously busy. Waiting one to two hours for a table is never in my plan so we doubled back to the hotel for a quick bite. Then it was time to retrieve my offspring. And take him to see Yellow Submarine on the big screen. Though I’ve seen it many times this was, by far, the most enjoyable viewing. Saturday evening I met the parents (eep) and Saturday night we returned to Hell’s Kitchen under different circumstances, to see a local band showcase. Had a good time despite my utter exhaustion.

Mother’s Day morning I awoke to this angry looking squid “card” from my son. And then I dragged him to a friend’s front porch for the May Day Parade. That afternoon I squeezed in a maternity shoot for friends (so many lovely photos to edit). Managed a little bit of downtime before dashing off to the 331 Club for legendary Japanese band The It was the only show I made it to of the Girls Got Rhythm Fest (which I hope they have again). They were AHHH-MAZING but I was too tired and sober to fully enjoy the packed-like-sardines venue.

I haven’t had Photoshop on any of my machines for a while, because hey, it’s crazy expensive. I’ve been using Canon’s crappy Digital Photo Professional software for photo editing but I’m not satisfied with it. So I’d toyed with the idea of the monthly subscription to “rent” it vs. buying it and it is cheaper. But then I realized there’s the discounted student rate, DUH! I’m not a student but I HAVE ONE. And he is most likely going to be taking Photoshop classes at school in the Fall. Score!

Speaking of scoring…sort of. Folks, Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade is floundering. They’ve really seen a drop off in business lately (the glorious weather? other factors? who knows). I know we haven’t been stopping in as often as we did over the winter. But I’ll rectify that. And you should too. Stop in and often! Just a few more quarters from you on a semi-regular basis will make a HUGE difference. Bring a friend. Have fun. /End PSA

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